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MFA-Asolo/Conservatory Class of 2020

To work with full freedom, honesty and bravery on stage is to fly! My approach to acting technique is based in Demidov and Michael Chekhov to inspire and cultivate working with full creative freedom on stage.  By learning to work from the inner impulsive, full openness to partner and given circumstances one can work from the heart and soul versus the head center.  I teach because I believe in helping others find their truth, awaken full bravery and to help actors on their path in this industry.   

In order to function on a day to day basis, we walk around with a mask.  We mask our feelings to others and to ourselves.  In our work together, we are training to take that mask off, open ourselves to the work, the character, the given circumstances and to be and do versus think and “act”. 

Summer has taught at FSU/Asolo Conservatory, New College of Florida, Riverview High School, and Manatee School for the Arts. She has also taught workshops, lectures and master classes across the United States. 

Please contact Summer for availability for workshops, private sessions audition and remote coaching. 



"Summer is a gift.  Insightful and intuitive, her approach to the work is skillful, artistic and knowledgeable. Her calm and reassuring manor coupled with a real joy and enthusiasm for the process of discovering and learning are unmatched. She has the ability to hone in on what makes you special and guide you in the right direction. Working with her is like being with a good friend who brings out the very best in you. She guides and observes you clearly and the takeaway is confidence, joy for the process and the ability to book work.  I highly, highly recommended her.


“Summer facilitated our sessions with such compassion and understanding. Helping me reach deeper into my own potential, confidence and my love of creativity.”


"Summer Dawn is the person who imprints on you. She has brought out transformational and enveloping work from me as an actor. I've never felt more safe (when she is in charge in a room) to tell raw and vulnerable stories in bold and challenging ways. She's changing lives and making a difference in this art form because she truly sees and hears people." 


"Summer's coaching is very respectful of each actors' natural process and their understanding of the script and emotion. Her directions enhance and bring out your inner ability to become stronger and connect with yourself. She has helped me personally with auditions for college theater programs and this instruction later allowed me to be accepted to the Stella Adler Conservatory and sign with a talent agency.  I loved working with her. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to expand their breath and range as an actor to train with her.  KATHERINE POWELL, ACTOR, FOUNDER SHE RISES

"As an educator and mentor, Summer is entirely dedicated to the growth of her students. In her classroom, she approaches each individual with patience and compassion, and takes the necessary time to listen and determine what will aid most in each student’s learning. Having been one of her students, I have experienced first-hand her adaptive teaching style. She teaches intuitively, based on a student’s needs and meets them where they are, while encouraging them to push further to overcome personal obstacles and actor habits. She has an immense and diverse background of knowledge that she openly and passionately shares with her students. It is through this sharing that she is able to establish trust and build a foundation on which the individual is able to tap into their own potential; no matter what their current skill level."


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