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Dry Land By Ruby Rae Spiegel 


Directed by Summer Dawn Wallace, Urbanite Theatre 

Cast: Jordan Boyer, Ellie McCaw, Olivia Siegel, Josh James, Richard Levene

Scenic Design: Rick Cannon

Lighting Design: Ryan Finzelber

Prop Design: Daniel Kelly

Sound Design: Brendan Ragan 

Costume Design: Monica Cross

Voice & Dialects: Patricia Delorey

Fight Director: Dan Granke

Dramturg: Delaney Giacometti

Stage Manager: Amanda Laforge

Photography: Ryan Finzelber,

Brendan Ragan

And McCaw and Boyer, both barely out of high school themselves, deliver it wonderfully under the direction of Summer Dawn Wallace.  Sarasota Magazine 

 I did forget that I was watching a play for a while. It was all too real and seemingly unscripted under the fine direction of Summer Dawn Wallace. Sarasota Herald

Summer Dawn Wallace directs with low-key realism and avoids the third rail of emotional manipulation…It adds up to a matter-of-fact approach—which is exactly right for the material. The Observer

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