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Northside Hollow by Brenda Withers & Jonathan Fielding 


Directed by Summer Dawn Wallace, Urbanite Theatre 

Cast: David Littelton, Christopher Joel Onken, Lauren Wood, Naidr Ajib 

Scenic Design: Rick Cannon

Lighting Design: Ryan Finzelber

Prop Design: Daniel Kelly

Sound Design: Rew Tippen

Costume Design: Alison Gensmer 

Production Stage Manager: Amanda Laforge 

Photography: Dylan Cox

You can tell the same old story in brilliant ways, and that is what Urbanite and director Summer Dawn Wallace have done…despite your best efforts to resist, made it so that hours after the show, it still sucks you in.   Creative Loathing 

Fielding and Withers groundbreaking 2015 drama about a man trapped in a collapsed coal mine, was brought to life in grippingly-immersive splendor…under the skillful direction of Summer Dawn Wallace… One can only imagine that Wallace, was able to draw upon her familiarity with the culture in helming such a well-synced production. Bradenton Times

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